Advance Ran Reloaded Ep3 Mixed Ep4
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 Skill bug!!

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PostSubject: Skill bug!!   Mon Mar 16, 2009 3:47 pm

gUd dAy Admin,
I think thE 250 dEx swOrdsmAn skiLL is bUg,
this skiLL is sUppOsEd tO bE LikE mULtisLAsh (LvL.27 dEx swOrdiE)
whEn yOU UsE it.
bUt in this cAsE, my chAr wiLL nOt mOvE whEn I UsE this skiLL.
And I cAn't UsE it in my cOmbO.
(it hAs dAmAgE, thOUgh.)

Admin cAn yOU dO sOmEthing tO this prObLEm.
'cAUsE this skiLL is kindA UsELEss tO mE nOw.

tnx And gUd dAy.
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Skill bug!!
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